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02 May. 18

How To Get Rid of Bloating


Feeling bloated? You’re not alone. As many as one in three Americans report symptoms of bloating. Although many factors can trigger that gassy or distended feeling, including stress, antibiotics, and eating too little (or even too much) fiber, the..

11 Jan. 18

Is stress making you fat?

Does this stress make me look fat? Cortisol and belly fat are linked but what does that mean, and what does it mean to you? Science has established that stress can lead to cardiovascular disease, but did you know..

15 Dec. 17

Inflammation Could Be The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight


Is this YOU?  You’ve reduced your calorie intake and you’re working out at the gym on a regular basis. So why is it that you still can’t get rid of that spare tire hanging around your tummy? Your body might be fighting..

26 Sep. 17

Benefits of Drinking Water

Drink Water

1. Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue Since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and concentrate better and be more alert. As an added bonus, your energy levels are also boosted! 2. Promotes Weight Loss..

12 Sep. 17

5 Reasons Collagen Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

Collagen and Weight Loss

Did you know that collagen protein is one of the most satiating protein powders and can help promote weight loss? Protein intake has been extensively studied for its ability to support weight loss, satisfy one’s appetite, and provide fullness...

12 Sep. 17

What is the Difference Between Collagen, Collagen Peptides, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Gelatin?

Collagen Differences

Collagen, collagen peptides and gelatin… they’re all terms you’ve likely heard before. But what’s the difference? Should we care? Collagen, collagen peptides and gelatin are used interchangeably because they are all made of the same 18 types of amino..

12 Sep. 17

Think Calcium Equals Strong Bones? Think Again. TWO Critical Supplements You’re Missing…

Calcium Myth

Think calcium is all you need for strong bones? Think again. While we need calcium for strong bones, there are two additional supplements you may be missing: collagen and vitamin D. That’s right! Collagen actually makes up 90% of..

04 Sep. 17

10 Strategies to Prevent and Treat Breast Cancer

In the 1960s, 1 in 20 women were diagnosed with breast cancer; today that number has risen to 1 in 8 women. Do you know that dietary and lifestyle factors play significant roles in developing breast cancer? The good news..

03 Sep. 17

Is Coconut Sugar Is A Healthier Sweetener?

All things COCONUT have become more and more popular lately . . . and I often get asked if there’s any truth behind it. Let’s first talk about coconut sugar: it’s more accurately coconut palm sugar, and is made..

02 Sep. 17


Many people struggle to stay awake during the day, and caffeine is fine in moderation, but nobody should be relying on coffee alone to keep their energy up. Luckily, there are other foods that provide that same, lasting jolt. You..