More than ever, we need to boost our immune system. This program will give your body the nutrients it needs: zinc, turmeric, ginger and probiotics,
plus Vitamins C, A, E and D (and more!)
– all from natural, whole foods.

Working from home now? Do you struggle with finding time to cook?
Have you gained weight from being home all day due to covid?
Are you concerned about your health?
If so, it’s simple. You need this.


Steak and Avocado Roasted Sweet Potato Bowls

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

One Pot Burrito Bowls

One skillet lemon chicken piccata

chicken wild rice soup

Chicken tortilla soup

buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potatoes

Broccoli Beef

EatSimple28 has been revised!

My faithful followers gave me their input and I’ve made BIG changes!

The NEW and IMPROVED EatSimple28 recipes are now:
  • One-Pot
  • One Skillet
  • Sheet Pan
  • Crock Pot
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Ingredients you can find anywhere
  • More plant-based recipes (with the option of adding meat)
Details about the recipes:
  • If the recipe is vegetarian, it’ll include meat suggestions
  • If the recipe includes meat, it’ll include ways to make it vegan
  • All the recipes include immune-boosting key ingredients
  • All recipes are either gluten free or have gluten free options
  • All recipes are either dairy free or have dairy free options
The recipes are quick, family-friendly meals, with easy to find ingredients and offer a lot versatility!

Are you . . .

Eating from home more than ever but don’t know what to cook?
Gaining weight due to covid from being home all day?
Tired of spending money on take-out or fast food?
Concerned about your health?


More than ever we need to prepare our immune system for the months ahead to withstand the obvious – coronavirus – but also winter and its temperature fluctuations, other viruses, flu, stress and depression. All these things take a toll on our body!
Time to fight back!

All the recipes in EatSimple28 include these immune-boosting foods!

You’ll Immediately:

  • Shed Fat
  • Feel Lighter and More Energized
  • Have Less Bloating, Indigestion, Etc.
  • Sleep Better
  • Have Less Joint Pain



  • Each week, you’ll have 4 new lunch and dinner recipes. They’re a mix of cuisines: Mexican, Asian, Indian, Italian and of course American, and a mix of proteins: chicken, seafood, beef, pork and vegetarian.
  • Each week, you’ll have a new breakfast recipe (egg bakes, quiches, hash, blueberry baked oatmeal, etc.) and daily snacks (smoothies/overnight oats).
  • The week starts with a great Sunday night meal and goes to Friday lunch, allowing you two “off” days (Friday night to Sunday noon) to either go out for dinner or enjoy leftovers.
  • Most people grocery shop on Saturday, meal prep on Sunday and start the week with a healthy meal Sunday night (this also means you’ll have healthy leftovers for lunch on Monday).
  • Many recipes are plant-based but they include ideas of adding a meat protein.
  • If the recipe includes meat, they include ideas to make it vegan.
  • All recipes are either gluten and dairy free, or have gluten and dairy free options.
  • The key word is SIMPLE. No fancy-schmancy recipes. Quick + easy + delicious.
  • Common, down-home ingredients that are easy to prepare, kids will love and are easy on the budget.
  • If you’re not fond of a particular food, we have a substitution list that will accommodate the pickiest of eaters.
  • Week 1 is a kick-start sugar detox meal plan. Sugar is the first thing to go!


  • Meal Prepping is the key to success!
  • Follow the instructions, and you’ll prep 10 meals (5 days worth!) in less than 2 hours. You want simple. You got it.
  • When you don’t have the time or energy, meal prepping is a pain, right? It doesn’t have to be.


  • Each week, you’ll have a detailed grocery list, including staples to have on hand.
  • All ingredients are everyday, common ingredients.
  • Grocery lists are organized per store layout so you can shop fast!


Daily Meal, Mood and Water Tracker
  • Use it for tracking daily meals, any food reactions, your mood and water intake.
  • Great for accountability and to give you motivation to stay on track.
  • Research shows that the act of writing down your daily mood and nutritional intake is key to reaching your goals.
  • It is so empowering to connect the dots between your food, your mood and your energy level.

This is a 22-page ebook that is jam-packed with valuable information.

Valued at $219!


Topics include:

  • Coronavirus: Top 6 Things You Can Do
  • Immunity: What specifically you can do to boost your immune system
  • MSG: what it is, how to avoid, etc.
  • Chronic Inflammation: what to do about it
  • How to Read Labels
  • Bone Broth: why it’s good for you and recipes
  • Weight Loss Resistance: tips to get the scale moving!
  • Probiotics: why you need them and what to consume
  • Sleep: why it’s so important
  • Whole Grains/Lectins: are they good for you or no?
  • Eating Clean on a Budget


  • Anne Jackson, your nutrition coach, will answer day-to-day questions, and will provide support with tips and advice.
  • Connect with your fellow members – this group is full of supportive, inspirational people!
  • Give virtual high fives as the pounds come off!

Starter Guide:

Clean Eating Principles – a  MUST READ!

  • Prep Phase: Things to do before you begin
  • Best foods and supplements to boost your immune system
  • 10 Rules of Clean Eating
  • Hydration: How much water to drink
  • Substitutions List
  • Where to shop for the best deals and freshest food
  • Cooking tips to keep things simple and fast
  • Examples of food to avoid
  • Specific food tips and recommended brands
  • Animal Protein: what to look for and what to avoid

eBook: Top 12 Food Additives You Should Avoid

  • Find out what additives are worse than others
  • Discover why packaged food has such a long shelf life, and what it could do to your health

eBook: Pantry Checklist

  • Simple basics you will need
  • A must-have checklist before you grocery shop or shop online
  • Help select brands that don’t have unwanted additives, chemicals, etc.
  • CLICK HERE for quick access of what to buy

eBook: The Ultimate 12 Energy Balls

  • Simple and delicious recipes
  • Protein-packed
  • All no-bake + 6 ingredients or less. BAM!

eBook: Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

  • Do you have to eat ALL organic? The answer is no. Find out why.
  • This ebook includes a list of the “Dirty Dozen”, the 12 fruits and veggies you should buy organic.
  • It also includes a list of the “Clean Fifteen”, the 15 fruits and veggies which is ok to buy non-organic.

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you join EATSIMPLE28!

Special Limited Time Offer!

Only $99

Here’s the nitty gritty:

The $99 is a one-time fee. You’ll receive the entire program as described above: new Starter Guide, Weeks 1-4 meal plans/recipes, Food & Mood Journal, 4 E-Books, plus 5 Nutrition Lesson Books including the NEW Coronavirus e-Book. Plus, you’ll be a member of our fun and interactive Facebook group to keep you accountable!

You’ll automatically be subscribed to continue receiving recipes, meal plans, etc. for only $16 per month. The $16 will pay for itself in spades! Just think of how much you spend on drive through or take-out. Not only will be you eating healthy and losing weight, you’ll be saving money. You can cancel at any time by simply sending an email (but I’m confident you won’t!).


I understand I’m ordering the digital online version of EATSIMPLE28 Online Program, with
immediate online access. Nothing will be shipped to my door.

EATSIMPLE28 is for you if . . .

Save Time. Save Money. Stop Stressing.

This EatSimple28 Challenge has opened my eyes to my bad habits! You know, the endless cycle of snacking on chips because I ‘think’ I’m hungry. Or skipping breakfast so I can save a few calories. Or eating “a little something to tide me over before dinner”. Say what? I’m not a 2 year old. No doubt, this has put me on the right path. I followed the plan to a tee. The first week was hell (I’m not going to lie) but the last few weeks have been greater than ever. I have more energy than ever before. My joints don’t hurt and I sleep through the night.

My favorite thing about the EatSimple28 program is the simple meal plans – it has helped me get excited about cooking for the first time in my life. I love it that the recipes have common, everyday ingredients because I live in a small town and I can’t buy some of the “fancy” food that is available in bigger stores. Plus, this program lays out how to save money when grocery shopping online (again, great for me living in a small town).

Love the CEMS community! Everyone in the Facebook group is so positive and friendly. It’s wonderful to be on this health journey with a group of highly motivated, like-minded people! Anne is on there daily answering questions, giving great nutrition advice and motivating everyone to keep going. I have lost 12# and 2 dress sizes in the first month (I’m not done yet)! My energy is amazing all day long and I can fit so much more into my day!




  • 28 Days of Meal Plans + Recipes + Grocery Lists + Meal Prep Instructions
  • 23-page Starter Guide
  • Food & Mood Journal
  • An interactive, private Facebook community
  • 5 Nutrition eBooks, including the NEW Coronavirus book

4 eBooks:

  • Food Additives List: Top 10 Additives to Avoid
  • Pantry Checklist
  • The Ultimate 12 Energy Balls
  • Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides
Total: $99.00

$99.00 one-time charge for initial program
Plus $16.00/month for continued monthly plans.
You can cancel at anytime.